Dec 06, 2023

Meet Langara guide Gregor Dixon

It was 1996 when Gregor Dixon first arrived at Langara Island and he knew it was to be a home away from home. Some 25 plus years later he remains a staple as a relief guide at Island Lodge, welcoming guests with his big smile and decades of Langara knowledge. Always a leader on the docks, Gregor went on to play rugby for Team Canada and joined the City of Victoria as a firefighter. 

Between being a dad of two girls, chasing steelhead on Vancouver Island rivers and lacing up the skates for hockey, he also makes time for another passion, his art. More on that below.

What's the best part about your job at Island Lodge?   

"It’s just a beautiful place to be and I love being part of the LIL family. Working together with the other guides & staff to make everyone’s day out there as good as it can be and being able to give my guests’ opportunities. All the cool, nature things you get to see because you’re out there every day. The friendships and stories. It’s basically a summer camp for big kids."

What's one of the main memories of Langara you look back on?   

"Tough one to answer. All the time I had the privilege of spending there, learning, experimenting, exploring. My first season, everything was new, exciting, all the spots were mysterious. Some of the early June chinook bites at Thrumb on Langara's west side, you literally couldn't get a rod down. A day of days halibut fishing in July 2002 in the old Orca boat. Again, couldn’t keep a rod down and no size restrictions, it was messy! There are always lots of staff characters that were part of the reason I went back season after season as well."

A big thank you to Gregor for all your seasons of service and dedication to the craft of guiding. 

You've always been an integral part of the Langara Island Lodge guide team and we look forward to having you onboard for many years to come.

Capturing the Coast

An Artist at Heart

Whether it carvings, moulding, painting or drawing, the pursuit of art has been almost as equal as the pursuit of fish in Gregor's life. In recent years he has submitted paintings, including this one, to the Pacific Salmon Foundation's Salmon Conservation Stamp Competition. Revenue from the sale of the stamp is directed by the federal government to PSF, and provides, on average, more than $1.2 million for salmon stewardship each year.


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